Creator's Awards

_Felicity Inc _ Creators Awards Brochure



Deadline for Submissions: 7/1/2021

About The Event!

Similar, to Filmfare for Bollywood, we hope to create awards for Creators from all across India, then someday the globe.


What makes us different?

Our focus lies in rewarding growing artists more than established artists.

_Felicity Inc _ Creators Awards Brochure

Past Events:

In the 6 months of our existence, we have helped conduct two events -

Coca Cola's Youth Speak Forum'2020 & Youth Quest'2020. Both the events have been successful with YSF selling over a thousand passes & with speakers like Nitin Kamath - from Zerodha, Sanjana Sanghi of the Dil Bechara Fame, Nikita Sharma (a million plus motivational blogger) & Sushant Dvigkar ( a champion of the Pride Movement)


Word Award

  • Word limits: minimum 1000 words, maximum 4000 words

  • Must be an original work (can be a previously published work)

  • Use Times Roman, Font 12. Spacing, 1.5.

  • Submit in PDF Format.

  • Proofread for Grammar.

  • Topic: "A Day In Your Life" (fiction and/or non-fiction)

  • Deadline: 7/1/2021

Art Award

  • Any type of art form is acceptable. (No digital art this year)

  • Submit images in JPEG or PNG without digital edits.

  • Art should not be sexual or religious in nature.

  • Topic: "Fantasy"

  • Must be an original work (can be a previously published work)

  • Deadline: 7/1/2021

Picture Award

  • Each Person can submit a maximum of 7 Photos.

  • Ensure it's either in JPEG or PNG.

  • Must be an original work (can be a previously published work)

  • Theme: "You"

  • Deadline: 7/1/2021

Music Award

  • Time limits: Maximum 150 Seconds.

  • Can be a cover or original music.

  • Submit in MP4, but we prefer YouTube Link.

  • Cannot be Instrumental.

  • Deadline: 7/1/2021

Dance Award

  • Time limits: Maximum 150 Seconds.

  • Must be an original choreography.

  • Theme: "Modern"

  • Submit in MP4, but we prefer YouTube Link.

  • Deadline: 7/1/2021

Expected: 500 Audience


  • Access to the Creative Youth, you can carry out surveys, etc to gather insights about what they prefer.

  • Show your commitment to the youth & its creativity.

  • Customized Brand Campaigns on all our channels.

  • Engage & interact with a filtered range of the youth.

  • Outreach & other PR benefits.

  • Opportunity to meet & network with like-minded people.


  • Subscribers: 6000+ Followers

  • Community Groups: 3000+ Members

  • Audience Type: Visit

  • Followers: 10400 Followers

  • Average Likes: 700 +, Average Comments: 8+ , ER - 9.63%

  • Audience Type: Creators, Artists, Stylists, Dancers,

  • Musicians, Writers, Youth, Bloggers

  • Location: India: 96%, Reached over 7 Million Accounts



Frequently Asked Questions


Applicant Fee

  • Applicant Fee Needs to be paid by 7/1/2021 to be a part of the award night.

  • It helps us ensure that you are serious about the award function. 

  • You will be given multiple benefits within the same, where a normal award night ticket would separately cost you 100 INR - within this 75 INR - you will be given both the chance to win the 5000 INR Cash Prize, Certificates etc & the chance to bring your family & friends to the event. 

  • The chance to meet some incredible judges as well!

  • You can apply to only one award category under one 75 INR payment*

Drive Link

  • Open 

  • Click on Go to Drive.

  • Login to your Gmail account. (only works if you have a Gmail account)

  • Top Right Corner you'll find a "+ New" Button, click that & select "File Upload"

  • Wait for the file to upload. 
    Once the file has uploaded, rename it to something reasonable. 

  • Right Click on your uploaded file, then select "Share"

  • You'll find the following dialogue box:

Screenshot 2020-12-20 063502.jpg
  • Under the Grey Get Link, you'll see the option "Change to anyone with the link" - click on the same.

  • It will read permissions updated, & an option to copy the link shall appear. 

  • Put the link obtained in our form. :-)

  • Yayyy!

Rest of the form

  • Oh, as you get to bring guests to the event, informing us of how many can attend the same would be great, so we can accordingly buy the right sized Zoom! (:-p)

  • If you have referred by someone, you should & must add their code as it will not only benefit that person - you will also be automatically entered into a lucky draw!




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