/Men will be men | Shruti Tripathi

"Men will be men"


they fake love, 

take drugs, 

commit crimes, 

sex over wines, 

rape, escape 

rape, get caught

get bail from money, 

more crimes to be bought. 

Correct, but why? 

Why I was said that men live high,

Parents teach their kids and say, "boys never cry"

Cause crying symbolises your weakness, 

We are men and never carry tenderness. 

Possessing less oxytocin-dopamine, 

Why do we live without expressing

Expressions of love, pain, anger and sorrow

not apt for us to borrow. 

And my own sister laughed watching me drawing flowers so beautiful, 

why embarrassment I face, why not appreciation? 

Ah! why I'm not a girl who can add more make-up to their pre-existing beauty, 

being an XY chromosome, 

why I hate pseudo gender equality?! 

Pink is my favorite color, 

but forced to live in black, 

rainbow delights me the most, 

but I'm surrounded by darkness where my paint brush gets lost! 

I wonder, why I didn't get teddy bears but only cars, 

why it's assumed that men give pain and don't have scars,

and why everybody thinks that men are strong and so bold, 

we're huMAN, even we shiver in cold! 

You talk about gender equality, 

and bring in the game of discriminatory, 

"Not all men are wrong"

this is known to all very well. 

So why good stories of us least people tell? 

Men are wrong, who's not?

but "all men are same" is the incorrect report. 

So treat us well, we don't create hell on heaven..

How to bring change if you share the common mindset of "Men will be men."