10 things in a North Indian wedding | Nimit Arora

10 things you will definitely witness in a North Indian wedding:

1. The bride will arrive so late that it's almost morning. Half of the guests would've left & the other half barely able to keep their eyes open.

2. If there are waitresses serving alcohol, they are likely to be replaced by waiters after some guests have had 2-3 pegs.

3. Couples send their kids on a 'tour' of the party venue to see what food item is where.

4. There will always be atleast 10 guests who come dressed like Daler Mehndi.

5. Some guests think there are UFOs in the sky (drone cameras rock!)

6. There are a few gentlemen who will put 50 rupee-notes in waiters' pockets and tell them to bring all snacks one-by-one on their table.

7. Almost all women have X-Rays installed in their eyes to 'scan' what other women are wearing.

8. Most people are concerned about getting that 'Taj Mahal tip holding-esque' pose of feeding mithai to the bride & groom correct rather than actually feeding & congratulating them.

9. If atleast 2 women not stumble in the middle of the venue, the party is not considered complete.

10. All diabetic uncles leave with their sugar-levels high as fuck.

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