3AM | Priyanka Shroff

When the entire universe is sleeping,

Why are there some who are silently weeping?

Wide awake, when everything is still,

When will they torture themselves till?

They cover their mouths, trying best not to make a sound,

As they silently sink to the ground.

What are the thoughts that keep them awake?

Maybe a lost loved one, or a heartbreak?

All I see in them is a soul desperate in need,

Someone to hold onto, someone who pays some heed.

As tears keep streaming down one's face,

And it's all painfully silent with the wind blowing with no pace.

That's the realest one can be,

That's where there's a familiar ache,you see.

That's when there's longing, longing for the past,

When one is stuck, but time moves fast.

But in that magical moment, one seems not to care,

Because such things are mysterious and rare.

They know 3 a.m. inside out,

And it's tragically beautiful without any doubt.

Name: Priyanka Shroff 

Instagram: @thebroodingwallflower 

Performance Art
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