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"O my godddd, what do you mean by you lost the keys?" "Ummm..ye..yes. I am extremely sorry." "You can't be serious, you are joking, right?" "Umm..no, i am serious." "That means that will have to spend the whole night here, homeless, actually with a home but without the keys to open the lock. That's even worse. Wohoo!! It gonna be my most memorable birthday ever!! I can'tspend the whole night like this, let's book a room in a nearby hotel for...what time it is? It's 4 am. Ok, let's book till 9." "What's the need? Look at the view. The sun will rise in an hour. Then we can go for a walk." "And until then, we can sleep here in the staircase. Wow!! What a memorable birthday it will be!! Instead of apologizing for loosing the keys, you are joking around 4 am." "See. What a memory! When we will think about this, in our later lives, we will laugh a lot." "So let's make it more memorable! Let's remember the moments we have spent in these three years." "Okay. So do you remember when we did trust fall for the first time, you fell and fractured your leg. It was hilarious. " "So mean. Okay, leave. Do you remember the first time we went together for zumba?" "Yeah!!!! Ohh godd, that woman!" "We have spent a lot of time together na?" "Yeah, inside our home, outside our home in the staircase." Both giggles. "I have realised something today." "What? That you should be more serious so that we don't have to sit in the staircase like beggars the whole night." "Ohh that too, but this is something way more serious. Today, i have realised that you are the only person with whom i can enjoy making out with the mosquitoes in the staircases at 4 am outside home because we have lost the keys. You are the only person for whom i can wake up early in the morning. You are the only person to whom i can share my belly dance without the fear of being judged. You are the only person who knows that my favourite colour is pink. You are the only person.." "Hey hey hey! Let's do this later..what's the real point?" "The real point is, will you marry me?" "You will have to show me your belly dance every time i am upset and bring me chocolate mint icecream." "Is that a yes?" "Ofcourse, dumbo."

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