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Hello Reader,

I once worked with a wonderful lady from the U.S. and we had been invited to a colleagues wedding. She was excited and wanted to know what outfits would be suitable for the occasion. She had only had formal wear with her and wanted to wear elegant Indian dresses.

My colleagues and I were able to help her out and she chose a lovely Burgundy Velvet Lehenga for the occasion.

This got me thinking on compiling the best of our dresses & here is my top 5 Essentials for the Classy Lady.

The Evening Gown

Celebrate the classics in your chic Evening Gown.

Occasion- Formal & Wedding

Best Fabrics- Chiffon, Velvet, Satin, Organza & Silk.

Types- Lace, Plain

Personal Style- Classic, Elegant.

The Ethnic Dress

Bring out your Festive Feminine look with the traditional Ethnic dress.

Occasion- Casual & Festive.

Best Fabrics- Cotton, Linen & Silk.

Types- Plain, Embroidered, Zari, Lace, Printed

Personal Style- Feminine, Creative, Natural.

The Salwar Suit

If Comfort is your style, look no further than the salwar suit.

Occasion- Casual & Festive.

Best Fabrics- Cotton, Linen, Silk, Chiffon, Georgette.

Types- Plain, Lace, embroidered, Printed.

Personal Style-Natural, Feminine.

The Lehenga

Twirl into fairy-tale weddings in your Romantic Lehenga.

Occasion- Festive & Wedding.

Best Fabrics- Velvet, Raw Silk, Georgette, Brocade, Taffeta.

Types- Plain, embroidered, Lace.

Personal Style-Dramatic, Feminine.

The Saree

The Queen of Elegant attire is the graceful & refined Saree.

Occasion- Casual, Formal, Festive & Wedding.

Best Fabrics- Cotton, Silk, Chiffon

Type- Plain, embroidered, zari.

Personal Style-Classic, Elegant, Feminine.

My dear reader, my personal favourite is the Sophisticated Saree, What is yours??

Lots of love,


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