5 Questions Of The Inquisitive Apes by Subhrashis Adhikari | Priyanshi Borad

BOOK-- 5 Questions Of The Inquisitive Apes

AUTHOR-- Subhrashis Adhikari

GENRE-- Non Fiction/ Self Help

PAGES-- 190

PRICE-- 195/-

FORMAT-- Paperback

MY REVIEW:-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The bookcover is in bright colour with interesting title which attaracted me to buy this book the language is lucid and vocabs used are rich and engaging. The book is based on 5 questions of human existence and it goes like this:-

Ques 1:- how we came to be?

Ques 2:- how do we make sense of the universe around us?

Ques 3:- is sex bad?

Ques 4:- who are we?

Ques 5:- how to be happy?

All this chapters starts with beautiful quotes and further divides into sub-chapters. This book have lots of information and author has penned it down with ease and clarity and in detailed concept. Really, kuddos to author who explained tough concept in very simpler way. The writing style is so good and engaging. I like the questions selected by author for this book which is very innovative and intriguing. This books solves and gives statisfied answers to each questions that used to arise in normal human mind but still at end of chapters author leave you with more questions to find its answers and put you in deep thought. This book is highly motivational and help the reader to develop oneself. To sum up, it is just fabulous, mindblowing book which i came across after a long time. Highly highly highly recommended to all the readers and specially to non-fiction readers. Please grab this copy and give it a read. It's worthy to read

Thank you so much