Review of "Baby on Board - Sonia Sahijwani Saina" | Sunita Dharaviya (accompany_books)

Baby on Board

Author:- Sonia Sahijwani Saina

Ratings:- 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Review:- This is my second book by the author. The first book of her " yours legally" was really an experience sharing for law students. And this book is of a journey of an ordinary couple during its pregnancy phase.

Conceiving a baby will always be a great responsibility as well as bliss along with joy for any couple. The author pointed towards the reading of this book for such couples and especially the male so come "father" who is in equal participation during this journey of nine months. The Author express by this journey to couples for what things and research should be done by once own self and gaining proper awareness. The planning for such period during the pre-phase and post phase of being pregnant heeded by such a couple. She also speaks and emphases on the role played by the male and many traditions, the belief that needs to be improved as when a woman is going to this stage.

The Author has engraved her complete journey into this book from fear to happiness, the planning which helped her, the consultation of a gynaecologist, her self executed research, the love, supervision and support of her husband, the terminal stage of nine months, the preparation for the ninth month.

It's a well-written book and would guide a lot for couples who are entering into this arena of life and plan to become parents. It would also make you realise, the myth and rumours that people in our society say towards this gestation period.

QOTD:- Share the lovely memories that you had with a baby child, that makes you feel joyful even today!!!