A Beautiful Treasure | Manish mehra

I have been going through life with nothing.

Then you came and life turned into something.

God sent you to me enclosed in a treasure.

A bond so great that can never be measured.

I can't promise to hold you each day.

I can promise a love that won't fade away.

I promise and swear to god above,

To give you nothing but my pure love.

I admire the blessing and a book of our lives,

To write something and read all twice.

We are a flower which can be so grand.

Don’t feel so bad when you hold my hand.

We will see each day as being our last.

By the end of life, you won't regret our past.

You are like a bird who always sings a song.

In my troubles I want you to keep me strong.

You are my friend, my heart and my soul.

We are so good in this world, don't be so rolled.

Performance Art
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