A Cow In The Middle Of The Road | Nishant Singh Thakur

Nobody told us

how to hold hands,

They told us when to hold hands. 

They never told us about love,

but said love accordingly.

According to the rule book that never existed-

They told us to love

at a particular time.

When your stars and constellations met,

Instead of both of them meeting at the first place.

They told us to behave properly in love.

And they were quite ambiguous

with the idea of love.


Once I saw a cow in the middle of a road.

One bull comes around and licks her head.


Nobody told them how to love.

Probably they've eaten the rulebook of love

when they were hungry.

And that's the most beautiful thing they did.

With thousands of pages 

and hundreds of copies,

I think it's impossible to root out

its existence.

But I know a couple,

who meet near the park I jog.

And they try...

Try to eat pages of that book.

One page at a time.