A dead soul's reminiscence| Faatin Lantra

I had dreams of heights infinite A dream for each breath & step I took I dreamt of a love with endless joy Of joy that cherished my love for dreams I dreamt of freedom and a home to call Calls never answered but God may so I dreamt of wealth but not worth of money For money had me life at stake they say so I dreamt of the day I would fly in the clouds As sky my home and the wind my beau 'One day' I say 'momma,  will I conquer these dreams'  And one day did I conquer my dreams But with no love nor freedom 'lest I shall carry on'  For I was home at last with wealth at my feet My beau & I, we wed in paradise And vowed that only death shall see us apart Crack! and BOOM!  I was lost in space, with no stone to step on or my beau to hold on I was no bride no more, 'were it a dream' I ask myself  I hear cries and wailing, it was not of joy I hear laughter of evil and triumph from above I was not amongst the living?  Oh! no more... Deceived! Alas...  God bless my dead soul!  I shall dream no more 

Performance Art
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