A Hypocrite's Masquerade| Riya Lalwani

"I feel caged!"

"I feel repressed... "

"I feel sad..."

"I feel depressed."

Such were the words of humanity in those days...

Those were the days where nobody lived a life,

They were simply abiding, surviving.

Those were the days where if you're happy you're uncool,

You're supposed to be enveloped by sadness, hopelessness.

Those were the days where hypocrisy ruled the world,

People were "SOCIAL" about their lives and the lies followed.

"Influencing" people into darkest illnesses being fashionable...

From the deepest and most rotten corners of thy mind,

Them people were now "broad-minded" and "talked" about life.

What never mattered was there were some suffering in silence,

Some suffering in the silence,

Some stuttering in the subsidence,

What never mattered was that the society was loosing terribly,

Failing to provide any consolance,

To the souls aching for some balance. 

They were abased, abandoned

Feeling so lost, stranded.

While attention-seekers enjoyed the glory,

They continued to fall deeper into the flaming pit of misery.

Nobody talked about the facts,

Nobody talked about the impacts

Nobody talked about their general welfare,

Nothing. "It wasn't a part of healthcare!"

Quivering in the gloom of the night,

They ceaselessly fought their battes,

Awaiting the end of the tunnel, the light,

While the chains bridling them rattles...

As was the tale of the last Decade,

The world is no more than a Hypocrite's Masquerade! 

Instagram handle : @ARTISTIC_POETRY39

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