A letter never received| Jane Iris

As she sat there in the corner of the room  unable to stop glaring at the box of letters  Perplexed over how she got herself Drowned in this predicament She dived into her thoughts, as she recalled the days filled with naivé joy .  She met him, at the ceremony, 5 years ago  shared a smile and parted ways   Followed by a letter a week,   tethered with an aster  Which she recognized was from him  She wrote him back with a smile.  Started just as a token for friendship Like a fresh dew on the sun kissed rose followed by days and months Swayed in getting to know each other , deeper With pure intentions for one other Days glistened with her happiness One day, She sent a letter  Charmed a rose along Dressed as cheerfully as she could Awaited eagerly near the door Until one day when the letter arrived late Until one month when the letter was  without the aster Until one year, when the letter was  Filled only with empty words As the last shred of hope turned to dust The asters laughed as she wept She understood, he never loved her She closed the box of letters  With a black ribbon and hid them away As now she has to move on Without the letter which may never come.

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