There was a time when I was a tiny teen girl;

With brown skin and black curl.

I could remember my first day at college;

Where I was full of curiosity and deep knowledge.

There was time when I used to click my pictures;

Enjoy movies by bunking my lectures.

Also focus on my studies for a good career,

Because without it nothing in life goes easier.

Suddenly everything changed in a blink of eye,

And left me alone to die.

The day I met you three monster,

My life just turned to a disaster.

Do you remember when you used to pull my skirt?

That might give you pleasure but hurt me a lot.

Many times you used to spank my back;

That openly shows, what your upbringing lack.

You just teased and followed me everywhere;

Sometimes in corridors, sometimes on stair.

Lastly, full of sorrow and depression, I was lying on my bed;

With tears in my eyes and sleeping pills in my hand.

When I open my eyes, I was lying on lap of God,

And you monsters still roaming freely on the road.

You will never understand my pain and sorrow,

Until same thing happens with your sister tomorrow.