A little lost girl| Indu Verma

A little lost girl looks in a mirror,

And sees someone back staring at her.

She hides all her feelings on her face,

But what she seems is a beauty with a grace.

No one knows what she feels,

Coz she stands with attitude and heels.

She is a lost little girl,

Facing herself in a mirror.

With too much anger inside of her to control,

But she doesn't show to anyone because of her role.

Realising that this lost girl is she herself,

A tear falls from her eye,

But that seems like a diamond in the sky.

She is a strong girl but alone she melts,

She to hide her tears have many ways.

So wiping her tears away 

She steps close to the mirror,

Looks herself in the eyes 

With her eyes in a fear .

She has everything in life,

But then also something lacks,

She regrets what she is now,

and what she was in her past a few years back.

Now she thinks everything again

There's a lot of things in future to come

And whispers to herself 

"What have I become "

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