A Maiden's Ballad| Sheelalipi Nayak

As I glide among the yellow flowers,

Merrily dancing to the song of freedom, 

And humming mentally off-key notes of the bits of song, 

I remember meeting you once, 

In the English countryside, you all handsome,

A man of gentry, with boots and hat, fancy

And me a country bumpkin, with mud laced fingers

Holding a butterfly by its wing, looking at you

With big eyes, questioning your presence here,

You gently say hello, mannerisms taught in nobility, 

I looked at you blank, at a loss of words,

Grabbing onto my frills of frock, readying for a getaway,

Stop! You say and I stay too,

My knees buckling at your command,

"Are you from here miss! That i am lost, can you show me my destination around?"

I nod and hold onto your hand, taking you to your address, 

You look at me with awe, trying to start a talk,

Talk about London and France and cakes and science,

Of expensive perfumes and Queen's policies,

All the while I stay silent, galloping,

Smiling and feeling the warmth of your hands,

A Maiden as I am, romance unfurling in my heart,

We share secret smiles and stars in eyes,

We reach your address and I nod goodbye,

You grab onto my hand and look into my eyes,

Asking approval of one last touch of skin,

I peck at your cheeks, you hold my arms a little longer, a little stronger,

Asking me for my name,

I pass a sad smile and separate, turning my way back to that open field of yellow flowers,

My sanctuary from the world,

Judgmental eyes are nowhere found,

You see, for a girl with no luck at speech, losing her voice at young age,

I find immense joy in my solitude,

And our romantic fiasco remains a dilapidated memory.

Performance Art
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