A Moderate Idealism | Nikhat Riyaz

what condemn you to leave your voice?

When the urge is transformation.

What condemn you to thwart your existence?

When the demand is revolution.

What condemn you to come out of your stream of ideas?

When the need is to think about tomorrow.

Come, hold my hand and land there

Where the sky is stretched and the land is enough.

Where, your true expressions need no attention

And the great glory need no recognition.

Where, the joy of scent would be as enough as you are

And there's no need of an escape from unsatisfied reality.

Where, we would celebrate our accepted ideas that are uniquely imagined

And let the nation awake.

Behold! We will sooner be there

Where there's no need of such 'condemnation'

And your existence will suffice the atmosphere.

Performance Art
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