A Not so happy tale of love | Vasundhara Rathore

Years later their paths were collided once again, 

The spark which was lost somewhere reignited once again, 

All the promises and the pact of love started to glide through their brains once again, 

The songs that they didn't listen to anymore started to mess with their brains once again,

Oh , is this a signal from God itself, 

Two hearts are meant to be together making both of them as one single self, 

No , the mind whispered to the heart , hold yourself back, you have been this way once,

But, what if things are different now, maybe the love that was lost was made to be felt again followed by a perfect sequence,

All the noises in the mind started to make sense once again, 

Maybe this is just a chemical reaction that you are feeling once again, 

But , both of their hearts are a little stubborn ,

Keeping their egos aside they believed in the pattern ,

They tried to speak but couldn't utter a single word,

Is this the ego taking over and making everything seems absurd, 

Oh , once again the ego won, 

Maybe this is how things were supposed to torn.

Vasundhara Rathore Instagram handle  @vasu__writes

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