The clock needles aligned themselves to 11:11, I realized that was my cue, Lacquered tables amplified the notifications to tell me it’s you. My heart didn’t have to trace sine waves for I knew, That this was a fresh brew Of not strange thoughts and felt-before emotions, But of trust and character in immeasurable proportions. The corals in you, I wish to explore like a diver at the Barrier Reef, Your smile, so pure like the motionless dew drops on a clover leaf. I can envisage your radiant blush melt the Alaskan lakes, Your magnetic persona as intricate as the dendritic snowflakes. You’re the pebble that rippled my heart’s tranquillity, Ripples in quick succession, nourishing the chaos and uncertainty. You’re the song I would practice all day, the last thing I want is the chords going wrong, You’ll perfect our harmony and set the groovy rhythm strong. It’s not what I love about you, it’s the imperfections that you embrace which makes me love you more, In the dark sky full of stars, you’re the moon I adore. I want our flaws to make us seem flawless in our little space, Happiness in strength, dimpling your cheeks with utmost grace. You’ve sneaked into my heart like a grain of sand in an oyster’s shell, The silencing beauty of my shiny little pearl, one can never tell.

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