A Puppetry Affair| Anshika Kushwaha

On a stage standing straight,

evil ventriloquists holding their dumb puppets

strings of lies tied in between their fingers,

emphatically enabling puppets to shout in rage,

the backheard voices or rather noises of which ,

delievered by these ventiloquists themselves

mumbling words in flagrante delicto ,

and throwing bombs and stones,

dancing and howling in vicious protest circles ,

puppets unaware of the truth

having no control neither brains,

to think and comprehend the fabricated behind games

but here -the 'loose strings' holding them,

from the back have tangled in a tiny mess

leading them to slack-off,

from the ones holding those strings

and fall on the tarnished stage

the silhouetted faces behind them,

now fusing like dots connected-

and taking forms on the sceen

ramshackled polemic lies and actions ,

are now being exposed,

as in the vicissitude

the stretched dark curtain,

been lifted-off

the game has come to an end.

-Anshika Kushwaha

insta- musings.with.anshika