A Romantic Series | Shonoatra Dhumal

#1 Our Very Own Song.

Fair skinned, brown skinned.  So many differences,  But here we are together.  Different races,  Different nationalities,  Different traditions.  But here we are,  Hands entwined,  In bed together.  Different languages,  Different accents,  Different countries.  But here we are,  in the same place,  Listening to the same music,  Under these mutually shared skies,  Under the very same roof,  Our current home,  You and I,  A beautiful us,  A beautiful home.  Different views,  Different perspectives,  Different directions.  But here we are,  In the same place,  At the same time,  in each others arms,  Our very own home.  Dim lights,  Night skies,  Soft music,  Our differences came to blend us.  Here we are,  Sharing our similarities,  And saying hello to our differences,  Oh! What a beautiful art.  The song is talking about heartbreak and seperation,  But here we are,  Smiling at the lyrics,  With immense love in our eyes,  For each other.  One's head against the other's chest,  The other's chin resting on the one's head,  Our heart beats being the instrumentals,  To our very own song,  The title is we will be alright,  No matter what.  I love you darling,  I love us. __________________ #2 Weekdays & Weekends.  Cruising through the week,  Here comes the weekend.  More hours to be by ourselves,  But just as more to be together,  And very often just do nothing,  But everything all at the same time.  Somehow,  My weekdays had come to be more blissful,  Hectic as always,  But blissful too.  Maybe doing what you really love eases up on everything.  And then weekends were just a mini vacation to do absolutely nothing.  But then you came along,  And honestly the joy just amplified.  However,  Everything else amplified too,  Grief,  Boredom,  Blossoms.  All of it just amplified.  I guess it's okay though,  Honestly,  I know it's worth it.  We amplified everything about each other,  About our worlds,  And our surroundings,  But that's the beauty of love,  Isn't it?  Reaching different levels by ourselves,  But occasionally we get lucky,  And we get someone to reach those levels with,  Hand in hand,  Hearts binded together.  Why won't everything amplify?  Whatever this be,  However deep the pain goes,  I know so will the joys too,  And so,  Even if I am not ready for what's to come,  It's okay,  Cause I know it is all going to be worth it.  __________________ #3 Food & Love.  You use chopsticks,  I eat by hand,  In our other culture we use spoons and forks,  But now we mix it up,  Like a beautiful mashup of our favorite songs of the year. 

We have the lyrics in English,  Then we sing them in a second language,  And now we are singing them in a fifth language,  Unknown to both of us at first,  But learning it together.  We each have our mother tongues,  Now teaching them to one another,  While bonding in the meantime over our universal language,  And if this wasn't enough,  Here we are trying to learn a whole new language.  We praying in our own ways,  But praying for the same things,  Love,  Peace,  and guidance.  Going to each other's religious places of worship,  Explaining the stories told to us by our grandparents to each other,  This seems like a history class I would always love to attend,  Oh how proud would our grandparents be,  To see us bonding over the tales once told to us by them.  You are making for me that favorite dish of yours,  The one you loved as a child,  And now I feel like I grew up with you.  They say food is soulful,  Satisfying,  And I won't deny this,  However this dish,  Your favorite dish,  Has the ingredients of you,  And I just can't get enough of it,  So unsatisfied with these portions,  You have left me forever hungry for more.  Here we are,  Baking for Christmas joys,  Some cakes and cookies for our families,  And so many more for the ones who don't have a family like ours.  Oh your warm heart!  Suddenly all of the tedious works have turned into the most blissful ones.  Here we are covered in cake batter and cookie dough,  Being mischievous and cute,  So in love with these Christmas feels and each other.  __________________ #4 Is This Realistic?  So many differences,  It didn't scare us at first,  We were so excited about these differences.  However doubt did creep in,  We did start to question everything,  The differences,  The similarities,  The in-betweens. We were scared,  Was this realistic?  Was this going to last.  We questioned it,  But that's how we are stronger today.  We didn't only dwell in the sweetness of it all,  We questioned it all,  Together.  And together,  We dealt with all of it.  You and I,  Us.  We knew we wanted an us.  We knew we needed an us.  And that's how we got through it.  Rough waters.  Rough patch ways.  But us,  Us was,  Is,  And will be,  An endgame.  Whatever may come in our way,  It will always be an us against it.  So here's to us darling,  A votre santé!  __________________ #5 Merry and Cute.  Laughter fills the room,  There is so much love,  Here we are as family,  All of us.  There is music and food,  Some of us bonded by blood,  While some of us not,  But here is love binding us altogether,  And so very strongly.  It's our holiday season,  We are here only for a week or so,  And it saddens us at the thought of such little time together,  But here we are making the most of every second,  Some in silence,  Some in glee,  Some while we watch each other sleep.  All of us creating a complete ruckus in the living room,  But our neighbors are not complaining,  They say their homes feel warmer listening to us laugh and sing.  We feel like a band of musicians when we are together,  One playing the guitar,  The other on the drums,  Two of us sitting on the piano,  All of us taking our chances to sing,  While tapping our feet to add some more melody.  You can see us all swaying in each others arms,  My best friends and me hugging and swaying,  You sandwiched between my parents,  My siblings with their lovers,  All of us so merry and cute.  So many desserts on the table,  Ready to get in our tummy,  Y'all know how much I love sweets,  And y'all never fail to bake the best ones for me,  The best desserts,  The best moments too.  __________________

#6 Different Timezones.

Countries apart,  Time is different for us,  Leading such different lives,  Oh how are we making this work?  I thought I would be better at this,  But it terrifies me,  I know it terrifies you too,  And some days it hurts a lot,  It hurts to not be in each others arms for months to come,  But we still choose this,  And honestly I would have it no other way.  It was distance that chose to make our paths cross,  It is distance that keep us afar now,  But if there is one thing I know,  I know you are still with me everyday,  And I with you.  There might be cities and oceans between us,  Time itself isn't the same for us,  But our love,  Our love is all we need.  It's difficult yes,  But so worth it.  I rather stand the test of time and distance with you,  Than loosing you,  Than loosing our love.  So how much ever time it takes,  Let it.  We may spend more days apart than together,  But I rather have it this way than not having you at all.  We work extra hard on this relationship,  But it's so worth it.  I love the morning voice notes you leave me while its your night,  I love those gif-like-videos of you that you make for me,  I love our brief video calls,  I love how your family calls and talks to me even on weekdays,  I love all their surprises that awaits me after a long day,  I love the festive cards,  I absolutely love the random gifts you send me,  I love the running to each other at airports,  I love that one week together we get after months.  I know it's hard now,  But I know the day will come when we will live under the same roof,  With our cute little puppers,  And we shall say we made it,  And in our old age we will tell our grandchildren about these golden days.  We will tell them the tales of love,  And to believe in love,  To fight for love,  And to never give up on love,  Among many other things.  For what is life without love?  __________________ #7 A Series of Small Run-Ins. How am I to tell them how we met?  Should I start with the stare at the ocean view?  Should I start with the cafe?  Should I tell them about the bookstore?  Or the wonderful night jiving at my uncle's celebrations?  It was a series of small run-ins, Series of small glances,  Cute smiles,  Shy look aways,  Two books,  And the first dance,  For us to finally have our first real meet.  In a foreign country,  Not so foreign to my brothers,  Here was their baby sister stumbling on in a new city.  It was not only a mini-vacation,  But also a long visit,  The kind that leads you to shift into a new city, eventually.  Helped my uncle in his restaurant's kitchen,  Helped his bestfriend with his cafe,  Prepared for a big dance competition,  Got a taste of my brothers' business,  And stumbled upon you.  We knew from the start,  Oh we did.  We felt it from the first moment,  And do till date.  We may have started out as strangers,  in these bodies,  But our souls definitely aren't strangers.  You were standing on the far end watching the ocean at first,  And then you were watching me as if I was your view,  And then I saw you,  And the ocean wasn't my view anymore either.  Ran into you in the book store,  On opposite sides,  Picked up different books,  But the gap in the shelves let us see each other again,  There was that warm smile of yours again.  Met you at my uncle's best friend's café,  You were at your friend's farewell lunch,  There had been goodbyes,  But for us it certainly was a very memorable 'Hello'.  You came to my uncle's grand celebration that night,  with some friends,  They each had a companion,  But you didn't.  Instead, you were by my side all night.  We had our first dance,  We jived,  And oh!  We jived right into each other's heart's.  Suddenly this city didn't feel so foreign,  It started to feel like home. 

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