A Tinch of Positivi by Udita Ganguly

What would you tell yourself, five years from now, if you survive? You have been a part of a historical event and getting through it was a struggle on its own? Not denying the fact that most of us would do so in quite a condescending tone, I may suppose. But today, as I took up a pen and a piece of paper in a sudden urge to express myself, all I could think of was the outburst of varied feelings and activities that became a part of our daily lives. Apart from the seeds of sheer boredom that have been cultivated inside us and is becoming a reason of our irritated selves, life has given us a chance to plough through each day and plant new seeds of optimism with the right amount of will to fertilize it. The never-settling heart which pushed me to write through these few lines, is exactly the kind of attitude we need right now to deal with the ongoing situation and the battle we are fighting everyday against our own self. As I dive myself into the sea of new words, new phrases and new stories to acknowledge their journey, I might as well indulge in the ocean of my own thoughts, give it a shape and tell myself, five years from now, that even if the clock was ticking as fast as it could, I was living life. Before days and dates start colluding and result in an inherent mess, fill up those pages. Because you can edit a bad page but not a blank one.

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