A twisted tale of fate | jennifer jayan

By jennifer jayan

Instagram - _jensphere_


The sun shines through but my thoughts ,still dark.

Morning for the little one yet my night just starts .

Gloom fills my heart as the first knock sounded ,

Oh to be free again instead of being hounded .

My very own home , today defines misery,

The scars well hidden and my mind, weary .

The 6 AM ring fills the hall with laughter ,

But here I'm Locked in the basement , hardly ever sought after .

Master's with the other one , we switch places today ,

My three days of recognition, the only times I have a say .

The key to liberty , I'm afraid is stashed away,

A victim of child marriage , I'm simply society's prey .


Such a gift to bear a life , and have the power to coexist with it .

Untold stories of hate and pain, pushed down so they don't have to admit .

Roar like the tigress , despite the looks , oh to be a woman amongst the crooks .

Regard , the highest I'd always give , because of her , today I live .

Entire world at her feet, even the haters worship her in discreet .

All hail the woman , what a sight! Look at her prancing, look at her might!

Love, today I bestow, respect forever I give , with a bow.

The letters line up to spell SURREAL,

Women, my admiration for whom , I cannot conceal!

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