A warm goodbye| Jyoti Pareek

I thought you were the reason of my smile but you made me cry

I thought you were my savior but you made me a worrier

You used to complain about my big forehead but I guess I have a big heart to forgive you. Forgiveness which you never asked.

Your soothing voice was reason of my peaceful sleep, why you turned it in sobbing.

You said we should maintain a distance so why you came so close.

I tried to listen you even when you were silent but I said so much but nothing stopped you.

You made me courageous to face this? My unanswered question keeps me awake all the time. The thought that I no more exist to you makes me cold. Cold enough to not being in love at any point of my life.

You used to console me so that I could smile even at my worst time so why you took my vivid smile?!.

You were not supposed to answer my question as you were never in love with me so why you behaved like that!

No one can ever fill your space I guess but still am trying to hold myself back.

Every night I see your pictures I question myself why I fell in love, we were friends better. As like others my love was also unplanned, unintentional.

I guess in someway I went wrong in some way you were right.

But the thought of your absence makes everything false.

Your phone calls, text used to bring a bright smile on my face but now your number makes me freeze.

Lots of thing I wanted to say but you were not ready to listen even a single word.

I thought you were my Prince Charming but you were just charming not a prince.

I want to see you as a happy and soulful human but I don't want you back.

You're a beautiful soul to be loved but not me to forget all the pain you gave.

I forgave you at the same day you made me apart from you but to forget you I needed a full life.

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