Almost There!!! | Daniyal Talat

“Hurry up”, few more steps to go. My friends shouted at me as I was far behind them.

We have to reach to our destination before the sun sets or we will miss the view.

Coming….! please walk slowly we will reach there before ‘your sunset’. I said sarcastically.

My friends were getting excited as we step closer and closer to our destination. To suppress their feelings of elation, they started singing, “Zindagi ik safar hai suhana yahan kal kya ho kis ne janaa.”

I was a bit astonished as my friends who are more or like half rappers, never listened to any Hindi songs were singing this.

I restrained myself from asking anything, as I just wanted to put them down or the one who planned this hiking trip on Sunday.

Thoughts kept barging in my mind, “I want to go home”. Never have I ever imagined missing my sofa and television this much as I was missing them at that moment.

It’s been almost two hours of hiking and I was exhausted. My throat was dry and legs were killing me, and at that time I only wanted to sit down, take a break for 5 minutes to drink some water. I was drenched in sweat and trying to calm my breath, and I asked them to stop for a while. As for them, they were just enjoying the view and capturing the moment on their smart phones.

Our so called hiking trip begins again after 5 minutes, and suddenly I heard one of my friends saying, Daniyal! You will surely remember this one for your lifetime.

I said, “Yes sure! In jail after I kill you all.” My friends burst out laughing.

Yet again I was a bit behind them, and they called me from the top of the mountain Daniyal! Almost there, one tiny step more. Finally, I reached our destination and as I was just taking a moment to breath, I was stunned! I put my hands on my face and murmured, you are kidding me!!!

She was standing in front of me, as my face was covered, I just heard Daniyal! How was your hiking? I lowered my hands and try to calm my nerves. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, as my childhood crush was in front of me. So many times I tried to tell her how I feel about her, but all of my efforts went in vain as I never able to speak before her.

She took few steps towards me and said, “Here is your diary; you left it in the office,”

She hugged me and I was lost in the time as I was overwhelmed with joy. I could hear my friends smirking beside us, and she whispered in my ears “I love you too Daniyal”.

‘Travel brings power and love back into your life’

I never believed that quote... until that day.

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