An ‘Eco-bridge’ for the reptiles and small animals to cross busy highway | By Rachana

The forest department of Uttarakhand has built a unique bridge called the ‘eco-bridge’ across the busy highway in Ramnagar forest division of Nainital for reptiles and other small animals.

The bridge is about 90-foot-long, made of bamboo, jute and grass. It was built in ten days by the local contractors at the cost of Rs 2 lakhs. The highway being the main route to reach Nainital is overly crowded during the tourist season. The dense forest in this region is home to various animals like elephants, bulls, leopards, deer, pythons, squirrels, lizards. Unlike the large animals that can be seen from a distance, speeding vehicles kill reptiles and small animals most of the times.

Forest officials state that the bridge will be monitored by four cameras, grow creepers and layer it with grass and leaves to attract the animals to use it.

Meanwhile, the bridge has also become a tourist attraction for the passers to stop by and click pictures.

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