An Untold Story : All Happens For Good by Raj Abhishek Singh | Review by Priyanshi Borad

An Untold Story : All Happens For Good

AUTHOR-- Raj Abhishek Singh

GENRE-- Fiction

PAGES-- 59

PRICE-- 79/-

FORMAT-- Kindle



Sometimes it supports.

Sometimes it betrays.

Sometimes it kicks us off.

Sometimes it comes back like a boomerang.

Sometimes it constrains.

Sometimes it compels.

But at the end, `ALL HAPPENS FOR GOOD,’ proves to be true every time.

Such is the story of Rajiv, an employee in an IT company who is content with his present life.

But his destiny has something for him.

Destiny brings him back to the place he never wanted to come.

What has destiny kept for him?

Can he cope from his past?

To know all this answers give it a read

MY REVIEW:-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The cover is dark and nice. The title gives false prediction and don't reveal the plotting of the book as from title i thought it's rom-com book. The language of the book is simple and understandable. The book is divided into 13 chapters which are very small in length and all are interconnected. Each chapter starts with the title. Minimal characters used in the storyline which makes the book more beautiful. The story is fast paced by covering all the necessary details which is good point. I loved the way author maintained the mystery till the end and let the readers predict about the awkward behaviour of rajiv. It feels good when story ends positively. recommended to all as it's a short read, light read and you feel anxious until the story opens its knot of mystery!

Thank you

All the best and wish you more success in life.

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