An Untold Tale| Kashveeta Saha

You put your heads together about the affairs of the contemporary world outside But it's only me who hears the tears of an old mother, hears those unspoken desires of a housewife's sacrifices; From the unslept snores of a diligent emlpoyee to the snoozing of alarm by a lazy lad, I listen to those mid night calls of a sweet-sixteen when everyone around is dreaming, eyes closed; Rats fighting for a piece of pork to the whine of a hungry cat, I do hear the irony of the neighbours' words when the snacks were getting arranged, and their changing tone when the host arrives. I have a family too but unlike yours, comprising- an elderly door, two open-minded windows, a punctual clock and an alluring portrait. I have witnessed your pains, your smiles, your mistakes; without any opinions, any demands or complaints. Swayed by my nature, i keep all these within me and by your nature, you distrust me saying- "Shh! The walls have ears too."

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Performance Art
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