AND WE WALKED AWAY - Subrat Saurabh | Review by Priyanshi Borad


Author:- Subrat Saurabh

Genre:- Romance



      When love is true and efforts are being played, it amasses to act. Destiny does tinker a role in our lives towards our loved ones.

       This book possesses  story of an Engineer student named Abhimanyu from Ranchi, his journey in his three years of college life in Bangalore with his friends Dev and Aarush, Naina,  Nidhi.  

Abhimanyu loves to write poems and short stories. Since the first day of college, he falls in love with Naina and observes her.

         Abhimanyu has made an effort on Naina consistently to impress her and waited for her, helped her always, been on lunch dates, written exams for her, etc. But Naina didn't believe in the concept of love marriages and due to caste differences, it was difficult for her to understand his love towards her and keeps Abhimanyu in the friend's zone.

 He revisits his college campus, after decades as a very good blooming author and notices things been changed quite from prior. He memorizes his past journey and wonderful junctures. He suddenly meets Naina at college but will they Naina be together?  Is Naina moved in her life?  Will Abhimanyu efforts work even today?

           The Author has kept the story in simple plots making the reader to understand the situation. It was like a movie being played in front of my sight. I admired reading the book as it was in a flow and  had combination of craziness, friendships, college spirits, family, care, ignorance, ego, exam cheating etc everything prevailing in a blend of every moment, that would bring joy to the readers.I loved the ways the author has used Hindi phrases to describe his feelings. The ending was unpredictable for me and surprising as well.Got to comprehend new aspects as well from this story.

I would recommend to readers who admire browsing love stories and those who acknowledge the concept of destiny.

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