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1st artwork)POWERFUL : The colourful background In the painting depicts the vivid and lively virtual world of Youngersters these days. In the painting is the girl who like every other youth builds up a world of her own where she is the princess and everything goes the way she wants it to. Her face shows an expression when she faces the real world and realizes that one day she has to leave behind the virtual world of hers and face the reality. She is a girl who works hard for her living , and the Tiredness and stress that her job causes her is well reflected on her face. She wishes her presence to be felt and wants to conquer this world too through her inbuilt charm which is depicted by the bright shade of lip colour she uses. This painting is basically made, keeping in mind the current situations of youngsters. She a girl who always stands by her ethics and lives by her values. (2nd artwork)BELLE: It is about a girl who is quite sturdy in person. Be it for the way she carries herself or for the boldness and confidence that is in her voice, she has never let anyone judge her by her skin color. She is a beautiful women, pretty to look at and clean at heart. No matter what anyone says, she knows she is good looking and dresses for herself. She is fond of makeup and has a collection of Jewelries. Her sweaty face shows that she is a working lady, an independent woman and inspite of her busy schedule she manages to reserve some time for herself. Coming to another side of the picture, she's a lady who has faced a lot and hence, earned a lot. She knows her way around conquering and attaining success in everything she undertakes. She can be named " beauty with brains ". Having attained so much at a young age yet having no sign of arrogance, she's a lady who is down to earth. This very attitude of hers keeps her going and gets her forward with every other step. She's a growing girl. She's ambitious. She is stout. She is talented. She has the thing she needs to rise and shine. She is doing it. She will do it with consistency and perseverance as she had been doing it all this while. Being a boss herself, she straightly neglected all the distractions taking her to the top.

Performance Art
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