Artworks | Nadim Hossain

Title: The Desire(2020)

The cat wants to catch those fishes.There is an invisible barrier between it and its desired thing,for what it cant get what it desired for.Here that invisible barrier is not water,rather its fear.

Aren't We human being as like as that cat? Most of the times we can't get what we want because of that invisible barrier named fear,and our desire stays unfulfilled for good.

Title: THE INFLUENCE (2020)


Influence is just a single word, but it has so much depth. What  A single sentence can do to someone's life, I tried to show that through this painting.


 Seed/Baby/Brain: This painting is made focusing on all these things. Seed, Baby, Brain all of these are really very powerful. They, themselves are unable to use their potentials, they need others to help to bloom their full power.


Watering the seed by parents: It is showing that parents are transferring their thoughts, enthusiasm, mentality, and so on to their children.


 The ancestors: The people behind those parents are their ancestors.By whom they are also influenced. This system keeps revolving for ages. Their brain is on their hand, this means they are influencing their next generation with their brain. On one side there is light behind those people. Those are the light of hope and peace, this is telling us about their open-mindedness. On the other side, there is darkness, this is the darkness of dejection and turmoil. Their head is caged, this is indicating their narrow-mindedness. Chain of ignorance, to them chained by their narrow-mindedness. They turn themselves like a frog in a well. A frog of a well can't think or believe about anything out of the well, they turn themselves like this.


A Tree: A person is like a tree. Good care in a proper way brings good fruits to a plant, humans are also the same. Opportunity can be compared with flowers. Those who are influenced positively, can turn their opportunities into their success and bring good luck to everyone's life. Which is shown through 7 fresh apples in the green lively tree. On the other hand, those who are influenced negatively or kept listening to dejection quotes from their childhood, when they grew up, they turn into a dead tree, which looks alive from outside but dead inside. Even though lots of opportunities comes to their life, they can't use those properly or can't dare to use those. As a result, they bring misery and misfortune to them and the people around them, which is shown through 13 rotten apples. 


THE SUN: Around the baby, it looks like a sun, because when a child is born it keeps as much energy as the sun. Parents can fuel their energy and make them brighter but Sometimes parents turn that energy into lack-luster. Strangely every child born with "Fearless and Enthusiastic" these two qualities. By taking good care of those two qualities that child can be turned into a successful and vivid person. Lots of money doesn't need for that, just need some motivation and encouragement from them. Nowadays Which is laking everywhere. You can't do it, nothing is possible for you, you can't do this or you can't do that, you are useless and so on.when a child keeps hearing these words,or kept despising from its childhood, one day it starts to believe that he can do nothing in this world. As a result, he afraid to try new things in his life. Then the darkness of despair and dejection emerge in him. (Those dark circle around their head is indicating that) I think 80% of whether a child is going to become successful in life or not depends on its parents. It doesn't matter at all whatever the world says, if parents support their child thousands of barrier seems nothing to them. When parents don't support their child even a simple barrier looks like thousands to them. All parents should try to understand their children and give importance to its opinion. Without understanding their child or not giving any importance to its opinion, if parents try to impose anything that could bring destruction in its life. 


The Root: Root of those trees are connected to all kind of people. This is telling that everyone's life is influenced by good-bad all kinds of people, those people also play an important role in everyone's life.  In this painting, I tried to display how the influence of parents affects their children. Don't know how much I am able to do that. Thank you.


Dedicating this painting to all parents. 

Title: The Fisherman & The Fish


Fisherman and his son's color is blue:

As a fisherman spend most of his time of his life in water,his color is blue.

After being born his child's future already been decided.This custom has been happening for ages. Son of the fisherman,and his son's son is going to be a fisherman as well,this has become a custom for them.


Fishing net and fish:

Fishing net is indicating fisherman's thinking, belief, desires.

And here colorful fishes indicating happiness,everyday he wishes to catch a lot of fishes(lots of happiness) ,like those colorful fishes his life will also become colorful. But he doesn't know with his small fishing net he can't catch all the fishes that's means all the happiness.Even he can't fullfil all of his desires.

For this he needs a big fishing net.That's means he have to get out of his circle,he should get rid of narrow mendness and inccrease the area of his thinking.


Family In Fisherman's one Hand, and fishing net on the other hand:

It's telling that fisherman's family depends on him and the fisherman depends on that fishing net.His life is stuck in that net,so is his death.


Downside is dark and Upside is bright:

Below the storm in the sea and above a bright colorful day is indicating that the fisherman fights against the darkest night to provide his family the brightest day.The storm is telling a fisherman's stuggles during catching fish and this also indicating all the ups and downs of his life.



Fisherman's life means full of fishes thats why those fishes surrounded him and his family.Dead fish is indicating that,by sacrificing their lives they bring happiness to that fisherman's life


The blood of the dead fish turned into sunlight:

This is indicating that the fisherman's family can spend a colorful day because of sacrifice of those dead fish.

In our liife what good things we get,there is someone's sacrificing of something behind that. To bring smile to ones face someone has to sacrifice something and this is universal truth.

Though i have illustrated a story of a fisherman in this painting,everything here is related to all of us.Here sacrificing dosen't mean not only life sacrificing but also all kind of sacrificing.

This sacrificing happening everywhere every single moment.

Title: At Your Funeral


You left, making me alone,

I won't see you again.

Have come to your funeral,

My heart is filled with love and turmoil.

Couldn't say love you,

Couldn't stay with you,

Couldn't walk beside you,

Even though i love you.

Rest in peace,I pray that,

We will meet again afterlife,i believe that.


Though she loved him couldn't express her love through words.Because, whom did she loved married to someone else and were having a good family life.So an invisible wall of distance automaticially created between them.Love was alive in her heart all the time,that's why she came to her lovers funeral with a handful of white flowers.Her life has become colorless like those flowers.Today there is no barrier between her and the man after her heart.She is expressing her untold love in teary eyes.There is no fear about her lover's rejection.Her expression is showing all of her pain ,suffering ,depression,and regret.

She could get her loved one and could make her life lively like her green hat. Her life could be colorful like the flower in her hat.

She could spend some quality time with her desired person as well. As like her hat's fruit, She also could enjoy the fruit of life. 

Though all of our desires not come true all the time,some regret of not getting something hurts us our entire life.



A Good leader is the source of light.

A Bad leader is the source of darkness.


Flower is the symbol of beauty and purity, here we can see a bloomed lotus, which is indicating the purity of the good leader.

The rotten lotus flower is indicating the impurity of the bad leader.


Good leader is the root of beauty, peace, progress and prosperity. He enlights everyone’s life which is shown through those lights. He spreads love, kindness, virtue, gratitude, humanity and all kind of positivity.

Bad leader is the root of blood, destruction and sadness. He destroys everyone’s life which is shown through fires. He spreads hatred, envy, greed, depression, corruption, vice, wrath and all kind of negativity.


The fishes are swimming in harmony in the river, which is indicating that under a good leader's leads, all the aquatic animals are safe and protected.

Fish skeletons are floating on the river of blood, this is indicating that under a bad leader the lives of the aquatic animals are at stake.


Under a good leader's leads the soil becomes fresh and fertile, and the earth becomes more alive.

Under a bad leader's leads the soil become polluted and toxic, the blood in the soil is indicating that the earth is injured.


Under a good leader's leads, because of fertile soil and fresh water the plants made the environment so lively, and new life of hope emerges from everywhere. The color of leaves indicates the freshness of the air. The background color is indicating the calm environment of the world. The rain of happiness is falling all over the world.

Here under bad leader's leads, we can see plants die because of polluted soil and water, big dead trees is indicating the deforestation. The color vertigo indicating the polluted and toxic air. The background orange color is indicating global warming, the rain of blood is indicating death of animals, plants and all living being because of global warming, natural calamities. Blooded ground indicating death of innocent people and animals because of cruelty, crime, corruption, murder, suicide, and the carelessness of the leader.


A good leader creates brotherhood among all the people, under his leader all the animals stay safe. the color dot around the people and animals indicating that as the nature is protected, its' force is protecting all the peoples and animals from all kind of natural calamities, and giving energy to them. Blue, green and yellow dot is indicating the energy of water, sky, plants and sunlight.

In the bad leader's side there is no animal here, very few humans are here which is indicating the extinction of animals and humans. People are burning, this fire is indicating war, hunger, malnutrition, diseases, epidemics, natural disaster and so on, and those people are in pain, they are holding their hands towards sky and calling their god for the salvation from the hell of earth.


In the good leader's side the symbol of peace, pigeon, is flying in a rhythm which is indicating here peace is well established.

In the bad leader's side the pigeons are injured and blooded and they are flying desperately from here to there in search of some peace which is indicating the peace is in really very danger. The color of people also is the same as the pigeon which is indicating those people also want the same thing.


Under a good leader the atmosphere of earth stays in a good condition, all the layers (the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere and so on) of sky are in safe

Under a bad leader the atmosphere of earth stays in a bad condition, all the layers(the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere and so on) of sky is in danger