Artworks | Shivanee Rawool

Instagram Handle- @__zoned_out__

1. Companionship - Acrylic on Canvas cloth The Painting shows every animal on earth is a living being with feelings, emotions and a family life, just like you and me.

2. All Blurred and Bokeh - Acrylic on Paper

This Rainy Night Painting is an illustration that Shivanee tried of a rainy street photography.

3. Starry Night - Water colors on paper

Star Gazing is a wonderful experience and in place like Mumbai this is been experienced only through paintings. Starry Northern Sky is what the artist wish to witness some day and this Painting is a kind of her manifestation.

4. Recreated The Creation of Adam - Water Colours On Paper

This is a part painting from the Michaelangelo's famous painting "The Creation of Adam"

5. Bappa - Soft Pastles On Paper

Bappa been on every artists list in India. This is artist's first ever attempt of soft pastels.