Be a man | Harene Srinivasan

A masculine,

Who enjoys a sense of dominance,

Who wears a "Manly" costume to satisfy the society to earn some respect for his status,

Who gets influenced by Male chauvinists,

Who feels powerless to speak his heart out,

Who is unable to appreciate the feminine for their glories, but instead takes an effort to burn it all down

And Who is not reflecting his soft nature to get portrayed as an "Idol Man" in the world,

Is incompetent to call himself a "Man"

It's a "Toxic Masculinity",

That shuts down his confidence and respect one by one.

That is the devil's clasp of his love

That shoves down his fragile and soft nature

That is an unfortunate venom

That provides no space for "self love"

That gets him nothing but a sense of hatred towards himself.

A Real Man,

Is the one who enhances the duality of a human being,

Is the one who lets his feminine nature to take over a part of his soul,

Is the one who burns down the hatred,

Is the one who loves himself without any pretendence,

Is the one who flaunts his style boldly,

Is the one who is respected for his true self as he loves himself the most.

Suppressing your feminine side to become a "Man" makes you the worst hater of yourself. Convincing the society is not what we live for, but for ourselves.

After all at the end of the day it's you, who is going to lead your life your own way.

And it is possible only if you accept yourself and love yourself as a person,

who brings out his duality with utmost confidence as a "True Man".

Be a Man, because you can.

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