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I am not a writer who is here to tell you something. I am just an illusion of words who wants to communicate with you all.

We love flowers; we use the bouquet of flowers to gift to our friends on special occasions because of their beauty. Does a flower know it is beautiful? Do the flowers know that they are contributing to the beauty of nature in their own way? It is rightly said that "BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER NOT IN THE OBJECT" Let me tell you the story of two persons.  ONE is of the person who is very much frustrated with all the things and the SECOND is of the musician. The frustrated person who is arguing with his wife has inner frustration and a negative mind obviously. The weather is windy outside. So,  when he goes out, he sees that trees are colliding with each other and he thinks that everybody is sad here and everybody is fighting with each other ( because he was arguing with his wife). Tress is colliding with each other due to wind BUT he thinks that they are also fighting with each other make a statement in his mind that NOBODY is happy in this materialistic world, not even these nonspeaking objects. This is all because of what? This is all because of the thinking level of the beholder,  the MIND of the beholder,  Is it positive or negative? AND if we talk about the second situation, that is of the Musician. A musician who is singing with full of happiness and internal satisfaction. When he goes out at the same place; the same windy weather ( where was that frustrated man) and sees the same trees are colliding with each other.  He said that WOW,  the whole nature is also singing. He starts feeling the sound of music in the Collideness of trees. So, all things depend on our mind,  our positivity, and negativity towards the work. We should make our mind positive. Being positive doesn't mean that there is no negativity around you but it is that how you are taking it and how you make your mind positive even in negative things and think that if something negative happens that also happens for goodness sake.

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