Because life has no retakes| Ayesha Sana

I wanted to be a doctor,

As doctors cure the illness,

But they can't bring the dead back,

Nor define their wellness.

I wanted to be a pilot,

As pilots fly high,

But at the end of the day,

It's in the earth we have to lie.

I wanted to be a singer,

As music brings comfort,

But it can't soothe the poor,

Nor can it clean their unwanted dirt.

I wanted to be an actor,

As acting let's you explore various characters,

But amidst them you forget your own identity,

Which can't be brought back by any director.

I wanted to be a writer,

As writer's pen is stronger than the sword,

But the words seemed to lose meaning,

As soon as they flowed out of my mind's cupboard.

I wanted to be a teacher,

As teachers educate each and all,

But no education can teach you the greatest lessons of life,

It has to be acquired from experienced fall.

I have now decided to be a human first,

With all perfectly imperfect mistakes,

Learning and growing every single day,

Because life has no retakes.

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