Bengaluru couple recycle discarded newspapers to manufacture pencils | BY RACHNA

Bengaluru based couple, Akshata Bhadranna and Rahul Pagad who moved from Indonesia to India in 2018 started ‘Dopolgy’ their new eco-friendly venture when they realised the rising use of plastic and their consequences.

Initially, they were not surprised to see the huge amount of plastic in their house and all their household items wrapped in them, as Indonesia is the second-largest contributor to plastic pollution. Only after they moved did they realize the damage that was being caused by people.

The couple noticed that the demand for eco-friendly products is growing day by day and various brands are coming up with new products to meet the needs of the consumer. They began reading and watching videos on plastic pollution and shifted to eco-friendly products. They also learnt that these products were high priced and it was not feasible.

This led to the couple starting their venture, called ‘Dopolgy’ with their savings. Rahul quit his job and devoted his entire time to developing his business. They imported a machine from China which produced pencils from discarded newspapers. The reason they chose pencils was that it is used by all age groups, over 8 million trees are cut down to make pencils annually. To reduce deforestation, they started manufacturing pencils.

So far, they have manufactured up to 10,000 pencils using 6,000 newspapers. Besides this, they also source seed papers and convert them into beautiful cards such as invitation cards, wedding cards, visiting cards, postcards and a lot more.

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