Beside the Bonfire | Elina Singh

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Beside the Bonfire

The sky was mysteriously dark that night

Those hazy clouds covered the most of the sight

Stars were barely able to peak through

Whilst the chilling wind suspiciously blew

The tree leaves whistled an unknown sound

The moonlight glazed her eyes so profound

She could count each beat her heart skipped

Just like the dews from the windowsill dripped

Beside the bonfire she sat

The coziest blanket she wrapped herself with

Her fingers gently grabbed the cup of her favourite mocha

Meanwhile she generously glared at the fire that lit

The moonlight broke in through the windowpane

Charming the darkness that so far prevailed

The silence arouse thoughts in her so loud

Recollecting the memories of the day when she vowed

She slid open the drawer

Fluttered through those letters tinted grey

Realising that life may turn bleak any moment

No matter however bright or colourful it may

Whilst the clouds completely hid the moon

And the bonfire grew scintillating soon

The little streams flowed down her cheeks

Looking for the unanswered realities they seek

The moon tried peaking through the clouds

Drawing a lustrous silver lining on her face

Keeping her coffee cup aside

She reconciled each promise which was now just a maze

Lacerating her own heart

She shredded each letter which was now merely a sheet

Casted them into the burning fire

With all the love that her heart still bleeds

Whilst the bonfire gradually doused

Sitting beside, she closed her eyes with peace in them

Waiting for a new morning sunshine

That would break in with new hopes and generous intends

Beside the bonfire

A story was engraved

With a discontented burning desire

Of a heart that even now secretly raves

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