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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

“Okay guys, enough now. Please be quiet. Don’t you guys realise that we are sitting in a classroom and not in the cafeteria ? Sorry but I’m not sorry. I’m getting disturbed and it’s not an affair of just a day or two. I’m watching you guys from past two weeks. Please maintain the silence in a classroom setup at least,” said Juhi irritably to a girl sitting behind her. “Yeah, right. Sorry.” said that girl and kept quiet. “Thank You” said Juhi and continued to focus in the class. Juhi had to say this despite the fact that somewhere deep down in her heart she too was sorry for the way she shut her up. And when the class got over, Juhi saw that girl for the first time. She was of an average height with long hair and remarkably attractive features. It was a bit surprising for Juhi that the girl was not a bit regretted for what she did in the class. However, Juhi didn’t give it much a thought. She decided to move on and justified her act as she didn’t do anything wrong.  Juhi was one of the brightest students of her class. She never missed any lecture. She used to love sitting quietly at the last bench of the class. Sometimes, she was being asked by her teachers to sit in the front row but she always used to come up with certain excuses for not leaving that favourite place of hers. The very next day when Juhi entered the classroom, she saw that girl sitting in the last row with one of her friends but none of them sat on Juhi’s chair which made Juhi smile. Sitting on her favourite place, Juhi smiled looking at that girl. The girl too smiled and said “Hi, I’m Neha.” “Hello. My name is Juhi. By the way I’m sorry for yesterday. I shouldn’t have behaved that way. Sorry again.” “Oho. Juhi, don’t be. Please. We are friends now, right?” “Yup!” “So, let’s forget everything and start afresh. Okay?” “Yeah. Fine.” As the days were passing, their bond of friendship also grew stronger. Juhi, now, used to steal time in the free hours to help Neha understand the concepts of Political Science. They gradually found out most of the things similar between them. Even the nature of their parents too matched quite a lot. Whenever any competition used to be organized in the college, it was pretty obvious that if Neha is participating in the competition, Juhi too will take part in it. And if Juhi is unwilling to take part, Neha definitely won’t participate. Juhi wanted to participate in the Badminton for the Annual Sports Meet. As it was known to all, she was a wonderful player of Badminton and she even had got the opportunity to get in (by the wildcard entry) but she refused to play as Neha was not participating in that competition. Juhi always used to say “Jeetenge toh tumhaare saath lekin haarenge sirf tumse!”  “Yo ! Best friends are those who win for their friends and lose only from their friends.” Neha cried with an ear to ear smile. So, from fights to sharing last row… From being one of the most disturbing elements to sharing notes with each other… From going nowhere to bunking lectures… From sharing a classroom to sharing Crispello and Kit-Kat along with noodles in the same plate… From just sharing the last bench to sharing the secrets… From being one of the toppers to being the partner in all her crimes… From “Hey Bhagwaan please aaj fir se us ladki ka muh mat dikhaiyega” to “Hey Neha, aa rahi ho aaj college?”…

No one really knows what the fate has in store for us.

Although the natures of their families were same but they both were damn different and they too hadn’t even thought of being friends but they became BEST FRIENDS, for that matter, friends for life! Moral – Welcome each and everything that stumbles your way with wide arms open. You never know what is written in your destiny ! 

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