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I guess everybody knows this person.

Well, he is our most beloved joker, the agent of chaos. The late heath ledger had locked himself in a room of a hotel for around 6 weeks just to understand the psychology of joker. He even used to take sleep prevention drugs and depression pills and various sources also said that these habits became the reason for his death. He was dead even before his movie was released. Being a fan of joker one is aware of the fact that he had no fear of his death because he used to consider his enemy as a piece of toy. I personally love the fact that he used to be so unpredictable about his moves that even after so many attempts police were never able to catch him. Even his biggest enemy Batman wasn’t able to control him.

I personally have learned a lot of psychological things from him. Be unpredictable You should always be unpredictable. No matter whether it's your corporate life, personal life, or social life. Always remain unpredictable. It will help you grow. Never be afraid to lose anything You should never be afraid to lose anything in your life. If you think that you have nothing to lose you will be unstoppable. Always motivate yourself to give your best shot in everything you do. Live life on your own terms You should live life on your terms. Of course, you should always listen to your parents or guardians as they have much more experience in things as compared to us. Always acknowledge their viewpoint and do things accordingly. Always try to beat your enemy Speaking about joker he always used to care most about his enemies. Here the important thing to consider is that your enemy is not always the other person but your biggest enemy is you yourself. You should always focus on becoming better than yesterday. Never fear of taking risks Our beloved joker never used to be afraid of his death. He was always ready to take risks. You shouldn’t fear taking risks because no matter you win or you lose by the end of the day you will not regret that you didn’t take a chance because of the risk associated with it. Always take a chance. So when people say that you are too complex or you have become too complex then you should understand that your psychological game is becoming strong.

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