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Beyond The Credence

AUTHOR-- Manhar Sharma

GENRE-- Mythology fiction

PAGES-- 84

PRICE-- 49/-

FORMAT-- kindle


Apeksha—young, confident, meritorious, with a liberal upbringing—is on the verge of finishing her schooling from one of the best institutes in Delhi. She wants to explore a career in the Vedas and ancient Indian literature. But, her father, a strict, high-ranking official in a Bank does not want his daughter to ruin her future. Nupur, her sister, and her friend vikas, support her, but can’t do so all the time. But apeksha is not the one to give up so easily, and finds ways to pursue her dreams without informing anybody initially. But with the time for her college admission drawing near, she is in a huge dilemma. She does not want to disappoint her father, yet doesn't want to give up on her dreams. Will her conviction and hard work pay off to make some miracle happen?

MY REVIEW :- ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The cover of the book is strongest, aspiring and unique. The title beautifully goes with the story. The languages is easy to understand. This book clearly gives the picture about the today's dilemmas of oneself related to choosing a career of your own choices and pressure from the family. The side characters of the book are quitely relatable to our own lives. This book will keep readers hanged throughtout the endings and as it is short read you can easily complete it in one sit. Also it made me question that are you forgetting our culture, our roots, our heritage, and lieterature????

To sum up all, it's a good read and it will left you with deep,thpughts and some questions and has also left me with a great impact. 💯 recommended to all mythology fiction lover❤

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