BLACK SUNDAY| Elona Sebastian

Sunday the brightest day in my garden , kick starter of the regular rank of rhythm . Rhythmic profile that lay for the week starts from here again and again . Again the shadow of silence sings in my soul for my soul . Soul leads me to the present . Present me , devoting myself before my beloved is my Brobdingnagian present . Present cold wind tore my hair than the wonted cold . Cold and the heat brawl in my mind heavily even if rain drummed on my roof . Rooftop my pet mark to vista the lovely beach that stretches miles . Miles travel my mind and set on the shore. Shore of souvenir about you upkeep me into depth of silence . Silence is tear by noise of neighs . Neighs make me to run to the courtyard , wholeheartedly my eyes search for you . You _ my lord , my soul , my king govern me and take me with you . Come and take me to your kingdom the kingdom of darkness , so that even shadows can never hunt me . Come and kiss me so that lilies bloom in my heart . Come and wore me the gown of peace to rest with you with all my solitude . He my lord kisses me with all his love , the lilies born in my heart . My eyes turn blue like your blood , so that from now , i sleep a long on your chest . He took me to his black horse cart , we passed away to where even shadows can't follow us .

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