Blind Faith | Himamol S

As I heard the clings of shells

I woke up from the shallow dream

Slow and steady, I woke up

With a new thought, for a new goal.

Changing minds and changing thoughts

It’s all included in a cup of tea.

These green valleys of nature

Clear plain sky makes my day.

Folding my sheets, I realized its length

Unfolding to folds its have a range

Of seconds to minutes

Which have a core of our life.

I ran out from my room and

Burst to my Garden, the worms

Trees and valleys greeted me good dame,

Not even my neighbours..

The cool breeze kissed me and

Told her to touch her, I ran and ran

Reached a sloping point, but

She was lost, lost the trust and love.

The sky is getting darker and darker

And I wished for a little glow

This day, this time its over, but the moon

Gave me second chance, to chase my goals.

Can do the goal later, can make your wish

Come true, said the dark clouds

And they vanished the moon the beam light..

Whom taught me trust..

When I was tired and exhausted.

Performance Art
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