Blink Green fascinating the world through innovative footwears made of scrap tyres | by manoj khetan

Fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand, but it can be difficult to find footwear that fulfills the demand of being fashionable, high quality, stylish and sustainable too. Pooja Apte Badamikar has caught the attention of people across the country through her startup Blink Green, innovating with sustainability which has come up with an intriguing concept of turning scrap tyres into beautiful footwear.

Even though made out of tyres of cars, trucks and even aeroplanes, this footwear will leave you stunned by their startling look which are available in the variety of styles that include Kolhapuris, Mojaris, sandals, and even heals.

According to the World Footwear Yearbook, more than 24 billion pairs of footwear are crafted annually, that is exceptionally carbon intensive, resulting in 1.4% of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

Due to the government policies, scrap tyres of vehicles cannot be reused and they started accumulating in surplus around us. And this was the reason for the procreation of inquisitive nature of Pooja Apte to address the problem with a different solution. Since tyre consists of latex properties, they do not decompose easily ensuing hazardous addition to our landfills.

Pooja initially began with 2 prototypes of footwears: One from discarded aeroplane tyres and the other out of abandoned truck tyres. Later, she presented her designs in a contest organised jointly by Start-Up India and the Maharashtra State Innovation Society. She successfully secured the second prize in the woman entrepreneur section and thus a raw idea was transformed into an enterprise, Blink-Green.

The delightful idea commenced into reality under the brand name ‘Nemital fashion’, derived from Sanskrit words: ‘Nemi’ meaning chakra or tyre, and ‘tal’ meaning sole. To stick with the idea of eco-friendliness, she has shunned the use of plastics and leather in her products, surrogating, sponge and rexine for the plastics worn in upper layers of the footwear and belts were made from cloth and other embellishment.

Multiple benefits can be enjoyed by the consumers with regards to sustainability with the Pooja’s novel concept of designing footwear from scrap, apart from being environment-friendly, the footwear is longer lasting than those found in the local market. Also affordability was one of the main concerns for Pooja, that ended up keeping footwear prices around Rs 500 per pair.

Pooja’s venture has been responsible for driving the mindset of people to opt eco-friendly and conscious way of living. Now, you can place your order from Instagram handle(@nemital_blinkgreen), message on Facebook or visiting e-commerce website.

2020 was a year of serious change and now we are moving into a new era. For saving our environment, we are in need of redefining our relationship with fashion and brainstorming on the environmental impact of our shopping habits.