When you're on your bed In a state where you neither fall asleep nor wide awake, I remember something, 'This won't last forever' I won't be living the same life months after today Though yesterday felt like today and thereafter's gonna feel the same way. One fact that I cannot deny I won't be feeling the same, every time I open my eye One day, there has to be the last time I wake up on the same bed, with my people around me, under the roof of safety that suppresses the heck of my vulnerability. The last day under the roof serving shitty laughter and insanity With the people who never really demean my humor; who do not cringe upon my quirky reality and who do not label me for my subtle brutality. Then, there lands the day when I'll be going far away, again. As expected, as predicted, The day I take a moment of a deep breath of gratitude for how far I've come And of how far I still have to go. The day I wake up little earlier than the other days To see the sunrise, The soft ray of morning sunshine hitting my face And then I pack my suitcases and depart from the place I call 'home' The tears of spontaneity rolling over my cheek They called it nostalgia, I felt somehow forelsket Wondering my life out there, wanting to prove myself courageous and brave And then I left With a heavy heart, already longing to come back again To my abditory With the eyes so bright, beholding those scattered dreams And then I left....

Performance Art
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