Book Review: Like It Happened Yesterday

Like It Happened Yesterday

AUTHOR-- Ravinder Singh

PUBLISHER-- @penguinindia

GENRE-- fiction

PAGES-- 195

PRICE-- 140/-

FORMAT-- paperback


Has anyone ever asked you—What were the best days of your life?

That one period of your life you always wanted to go back to? And live that life. One more time? When asked this, I closed my eyes and went back to my own past. And I thought of the days when life's most complex choices had a simple solution of Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo! Of the seasons when rains were celebrated by making paper boats. Of the times when waiting at the railway crossing meant counting the bogies of the train passing by. When I opened my eyes, it seems Like it Happened Yesterday! Like it was yesterday that I broke my first tooth and fell in love for the first time. Like it was yesterday when I was about to lose my friend, and suddenly he became my best friend.

I look back and it becomes a journey full of adventure. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry and I know I’m here because I was. Come, hold my hand, and take this trip with me. It will be yesterday for you, once again!


The cover of the book is simple yet beautiful and the title perfectly goes with the storyline. Language of the book is so easy to understand that readers can easily relate themselves with the plotting. Well, I know many of readers don't like this book as it doesn't have any interesting plotting but I just loved it because it took me to my childhood days and left me there for 2 days. As I go through chapters, I feel like I'm watching my childhood playing in front of my eyes. And especially that dentistry part! Omg. I can literally feel the pain of the author as he was feeling in his childhood days because I went through the same pain and how my parents lured me by promising to buy be my favourite toys. I know there is no storyline but still, it's a beautiful book to read because it gives you a trip of your childhood...and you know that happiness right! Like to be a little kid again??? Moral of this book is so simple and beautiful that never let your inner child die! recommended! It's a light read book which enlightens your mood too!

Thank you.