Book review: Looking for Alaska - John Green | by Maddy

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QUTD : What's your favourite high school memory?

Mine are definitely those crazy pranks we pulled starting from firecrackers to fainting during morning assembly.

Looking for Alaska

By John Green

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ / 5

What's highschool without that one group of crazy friends , getting high , getting detention, and pulling pranks.

Miles Halter is captivated by final words and tired of his protected and exhausting, rather desolate life at home. He leaves for boarding school with tempered optimism, to "seek the great perhaps".

Where he meets stunning, clever, screwed up, mysterious and dead sexy Alaska who engulfes Miles into her Labyrinth and flings him into the Great Perhaps.

Will Alaska ever find her way out of the labyrinth ?

What does the "Great Perhaps" have to offer?

To find out, join Miles and his squad who had " shared interest in booze and mischief.”

Miles and his squad is gonna remind you of your first cigarette , all those pranks you pulled on your professors , all those choices you wish you could redo and the pain of losing one of your closet friends .