Book Review-Lotus Land : The Secrets Of Padma Kshetra | Priyanshi Borad

BOOK-- Lotus Land : The Secrets Of Padma Kshetra

AUTHOR-- Bhuban Patra

GENRE-- Mythology fiction

PAGES-- 216

PRICE-- 249/-

FORMAT-- Paperback


The era is 1200 CE, when the intruders from the west ravaged Bharat; a small kingdom in its eastern part was entering its golden period. The kingdom of Kalinga though a maritime superpower remained secluded and reclusive to the other nations of Bharat. This was not by chance, but by choice, as this holy land was fulfilling a prophecy that could become the basis of existence for the entire humankind after the Kali Yuga ends. The first book of the Konark Secret Duology is the tale of Bishnu Maharana, the chief architect of the Konark Temple. This is his journey about how he became a master architect and the secrets he unravels while constructing this shrine. Was this temple just a grand monument or were there secrets behind its construction? Why was an unusual technique being used for its creation, when there were tried and tested methods? Did this monument hold some secret within itself? Was Bishnu Maharana an architect or a man of secrets?

I love the black cover of the book😍 and title is also eye-catching❤ language is lucid. As the book set up into 1200 CE author paid minute attention for giving very little details and also talked about architecture which shows author has well researched for this book. Author used local language in between which i like it and all of this together made this book very interesting. It is fast paced and narration of author is crisp and captivating😍 it is beautifully plotted and eagerly waiting to read next part. I would definitely recommend this book to all mythology and history lovers💕💯