Book Review- Restart 2020 | Priyanshi Borad

Book-- Restart 2020

Author-- Rishabh And Nidhi

Genre-- self-help

Pages-- 186

Price-- 299/-

Format-- paperback

My review:-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The cover and title of book is soo pretty😍😍 i'm grateful for owning one of beautiful book🙈 this book is non fiction which is very insightful and have some thoughtful inclusion of diverse topics. The pandemic situation has hot our world very badly. This book is written on the opportunity we'll get now to look into, judge our past mistakes and then restart our life when world is busy stabilizing from this situation for better future. I like the starting of book by author with the constitution of our universe, the starting , presence of various energies, constituency of living cell, animals on earth, human body, mind and soul and lastly, socio-economic and political spheres of life. I think it's well researched book and sooo pretty! A very good job done by the authors. I really enjoyed reading. I like to the point description of each topics which made this book more fast paced, beautiful, and interesting to read. I love the idea of living blank pages to scribble our own thoughts after each chapter which is mind-blowing idea👌😍 i recommend this book to those who want to brush up the basics and want different perspective towards life will love to read. So, grab your copy and immerse yourself into the pool of optimstic thoughts which will motivate you towards life.