Book Review | The Unfortunates - Abhinav MIshra | by Sunita Dharaviya(accompany_books)

The Unfortunates

Author:- Abhinav Mishra

Ratings:- ⭐⭐⭐⭐


"Life is never into a straight line. It has lots of twist and turns which is unpredictable. And karma is the cause of all sufferings."

The story is of life of group adults and teenagers. The story initially shows you life' s of Swati, Meera, Ritesh and Tanya in a different manner. Meera is the mother and the rest three are teenagers. Their journey how do they face difficult situations and how they are initially messed up with their own love life's.

As you read the story, in start it seems like you are reading 4 different scene's of stories, but then gradually these all unfortunates are connected with each other.

The ending part of the story is worth reading then you will come to know as to why this and that! Karma had played a very big role throughout the story. I liked the way how the author has set the story into multiple parts and then all further with an unpredictable story. Unless you do not read the ending,you would not get the whole story of the book.️‍️

by Sunita (accompany_books)