Brave or stupid? I can't judge! | Sai Priya

She was there,

Simply breathing and walking around,

So casually with her lips smeared with a pink I despised,

Her glasses crooked and her smile that always had something hidden,

She was this average looking, invisible, unknown girl who turned herself pretty and loud, effortlessly!

even to my suprise, not gonna lie.

Amidst all the chaos and busy life,

I forgot that she existed too,

My mind, it knew she was there somewhere

Living her beautiful life, carelessly and as stupid as she always was!

But least did I expect that the day I try to find her,

Would be the day I d know that I can never see that pink and get angry no more!

That naive, innocent, always confused head of hers,

Never understood what we tried to tell or talk,

But she knew how to disappear!

I will not judge her decision or what she did,

But I really can't think of any reason that's even remotely fair.

I might have not noticed her much,

I might have not always been nice,

I might have not spoken to her for hours,

But she was one of those girls who put a smile on my face by just the way she is,

Her words, her innocence, her mere response to something casual,

Made me realise life is simple and not everyone was rushing into it.

From where did she get the strength?

How did she get the idea?

What did she do?

Why did she do that?

I am not brave enough to hurt myself or let go of this life,

I 've thought of it, we all have at one point, but I just CAN'T!

She must have been brave and I didn't know,

Cuz this definitely takes a lot of courage!

Wherever you are right now,

I hope it's as beautiful as you wanted your life to be,

I hope all the pain faded away,

I hope this immense decision gave you what you wanted,

I hope you rest in peace!

I wish I was there for you,